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We're just two local girls who are in love with food, real food.
By using whole foods, ingredients with no numbers and names we can pronounce, we create nutritionally dense snacks and custom raw cakes that positively charge every cell in your body.
All our products are gluten and dairy free with no added sugar.

a & k snacks … coming soon!

Hey Snackers,

Welcome to our brand spankin’ new website! We are so excited to get up and running and fill your tums with nutritious and delicious healthy snacks.

We originally were due to start operating in December, but due to public demand we have been working hard to get things up and running much sooner than anticipated. Early September the fun begins.

a & k snacks is the love child of Amy & Kirsty. We have shared a love of healthy cooking and eating for years now, often swapping recipes and tips.  After trying to find healthy snacks in our local area with no added nasties, we realised there were not many options at all. We make our own snacks each week  to avoid preservatives and artificial anythings, so while we are at it, let us make yours too!

The majority of our products are gluten and dairy free and contain no added sugar (only those naturally occurring in fruit).  We also try to keep our ingredients to a minimum, with most products having between 2-5 ingredients.

Our plan is to start with a variety of different flavoured snack balls, including a protein ball range, granola, kids lunchbox snacks and raw cakes made to order. We will then expand in a few months to include breads, slices, cookies, brownies and more!

We will be stocking local cafes, gyms and select stores with our balls (rudeness). If you are interested in partnering with us and stocking a & k snacks please get in contact with us by

We have been so blessed to receive such interest and excitement in our new venture and products and look forward to bringing you a healthy option for your daily snacking.

Thanks for snacking by!

– a & k

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